All men are created equal.” Yet did he actually believe those words enough to live them at Monticello?

Thomas Jefferson is one of our nation‟s most beloved founding fathers. Most Americans feel that they know more about him than other founders such as John Adams and James Madison. However, do we really know who he was? Just what kind of man was Thomas Jefferson? He wrote the words, “All men are created equal.” Yet did he actually believe those words enough to live them at Monticello?

1. To prepare for this essay, begin by reading the Introduction and Setting on pages 112-115 of Hollitz, Chapter 6. These pages are for your information only; you will not use this information for your CTA and analysis of primary sources.

2. For this assignment,

Begin by actively reading (Document 1), “Within the „Bowels‟ of the Republic” by Ronald Takaki (pp. 116-123). The first part of this assignment is a Critical Thinking Analysis of Takaki‟s article. Go back to the CTA instructions and example found on Student Tools or LM 7.

Next, as you read the primary sources (Documents 2-12, pp. 123-134), decide which 4 primary documents most strongly support Takaki‟s thesis and supporting arguments. Discuss these primary sources with an explanation for each, explaining why you believe these 4 documents support Takaki‟s thesis and evidence. You will need to demonstrate your understanding of each of the 4 primary sources and how each relates to Takaki. If you just explain the primary source, you haven’t completed this part of the assignment. The primary source must relate back to Takaki’s thesis and evidence. Be sure to let your reader know which primary source you are discussing.

If you choose to quote from the documents, you must use quotation marks and cite the quotation using document and page numbers. For example: (Document 5, p. 128).

Do not use lengthy quotations; paraphrasing Takaki‟s words or the primary sources demonstrates that you have processed and understand the material.

Use no more than three direct quotations from the chapter; make sure these quotations are no more than two lines each.

Double-space your work, and use 12 point, Times New Roman font. Proof aloud, and put spell and grammar check to work for you. Approximate length: 2 ½ – 3 pages.

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