Immanuel Kant claims that the only thing that is moral without qualification is

1. Immanuel Kant claims that the only thing that is moral without qualification is __________. 

2. An action’s maxim is best understood as the 

3. Xavier, a retail store owner, wants to always act from duty. Knowing this, which of the following sentiments is Xavier MOST likely to express? 

4. Kantian theory says that people have a __________ duty to cultivate their talents. 

5. What is one way Lilly can determine if her actions respect her friends as ends-in-themselves? 

6. Some people claim that all Americans have a fundamental right to health care. What would a deontological thinker add to that claim, if it were true? 

7. According to deontological ethics, duties are 

8. For Kant, the respect we owe people has to do primarily with their __________. 

9. In 2012, sports fans were saddened and outraged to learn that cycling superstar Lance Armstrong had used illegal performance-enhancing drugs for years. A deontologist would say that his actions were wrong because they 

10. Professor Donovan is a Kantian philosopher. Therefore, she argues that the true value of “a good will” lies in 

11. A deontological moral theory regards the morality of actions as 

12. The duty to always treat humanity as an end-in-itself and never as a mere means is a(n) __________. 

13. According to Kant, respect for a person should be 

14. According to Kant, suicide is

15. Which of the following is a Kantian approach to helping a family in need? 

16. What is the primary reason for conducting Kant’s “universalization test”? 

17. What is the most accurate term for the rules and regulations expressed in the United Nations’ Declaration of Human Rights? 

18. How would a deontologist respond to the fact that human rights advocates often peacefully protest or even break civil laws that they think are unjust? 

19. According to Kant, what is the PRIMARY moral problem with making a false promise? 

20. Agnes is a widow with disabilities in her late 60s. Due to these circumstances, she only has to pay half of her electricity and water bills. What would a deontologist say about this situation?   


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