The tribe of Dan settled land on the East bank of the Jordan River

1. The spirituality of Samuel’s lineage is seen in Hannah’s prayer for a child and her vow to dedicate her child to the Lord.

2. Theologically, the story of Ruth and Boaz illustrates the biblical concept of

3. The book of Judges concludes with a civil war in Israel that almost exterminated the tribe of

4. David obeyed God in purchasing a threshing floor to build “an altar to the Lord.” On this site Solomon would later build the temple.

5. Each cycle in the book of Judges portrays a downward spiral. This spiral includes Barak’s reluctance.

6. The distribution of Levites among the people and the establishment of cities of refuge
were to help ensure spiritual, social, and civil justice in the future.

7. The book of _____________ opens the section of the Historical Books in the English Bible.

8. The Judge ________________ equipped his men with trumpets, pitchers, and torches and surprised the unsuspecting Midian and Amalekite raiders. The enemy was thrown into
confusion and led to an incredible Israelite victory.

9. _____________ served as the nation’s religious headquarters for about 300 years.

10. Boaz was not only Ruth’s kinsman redeemer, he was also the one carrying the Davidic lineage.

11. In Joshua’s farewell address he explains to the people of Israel that they will remain in Canaan and prosper in the land only when they comply with the Mosaic covenant.

12. In the ________________ campaign, God sent a hailstorm in order to defeat Israel’s enemies.

13. The beginning chapters of 1 Samuel draw a sharp contrast between Eli and his ungodly sons and the godly prophet Samuel.

14. The emphasis on true worship in 1 & 2 Chronicles explains why the word “___________” is found thirty-two times.

15. Elijah was primarily a prophet to the Southern Kingdom.

16. The book of _____________ shows how the remnant were motivated to “rise up and build” Jerusalem’s walls.

17. ____________ refused to go and confront the Canaanites unless ____________ came with into the battle.

18. ______________ was not a Judge in Israel.

19. The middle of 1 Samuel draws a contrast between the godly prophet Samuel and King David.

20. The main body of the story of the Judges revolves around __________ cycles of apostasy, repentance, and deliverance.

21. The Judge _________________ made a rash vow to the Lord saying, “whatever” came out of his house to greet him upon his return from battle “will belong to the Lord, and I will offer it as a burnt offering.”

22. Each cycle in the book of Judges portrays a downward spiral. This spiral includes Jephthah’s immoral relationship with foreign women.

23. According to our textbook, the story of _____________ is a ray of hope during the period of the Judges.

24. When the nation of Israel divided the Kingdom to the north was known as

25. The major theological theme of 1–2 Chronicles is the importance of true worship.

26. The real key to the success of the Judges was the empowerment of the Spirit of God who enabled them to accomplish great feats.

27. In the ________________ campaign, God miraculously extended the day. This allowed
Israel time to rout the enemy.

28. Ruth’s kinsman redeemer was

29. So prosperous was Solomon that God expanded Israel’s borders to the degree originally promised in the Abrahamic covenant and reaffirmed to Joshua.

30. Joshua’s theophanic encounter affirmed his leadership to the people of Israel.

31. The tribe of Dan settled land on the East bank of the Jordan River.

32. Ahab and his wife Jezebel were wicked rulers in the Northern Kingdom.

33. According to our textbook, one reason for the northern kingdom’s downfall is that they rejected the covenant itself.

34. ______________ was a Judge in Israel

35. The reforms of _______________ categorize him as one of Judah’s best kings.

36. God’s promise to Abraham that He would bless all nations begins to come to fruition through Boaz and Ruth.

37. In the _______________ campaign, the town of Ai was captured.

38. Samuel’s anointing of David and _____________________ introduce David as God’s choice to lead the nation of Israel.

39. The books of _____________ form the transition from the era of the judges to that of the kings.

40. In the _______________ campaign, Joshua destroyed Hazor, a major Canaanite fortress city.

41. According to our textbook, one reason for the northern kingdom’s downfall is that they rejected the ministries of the prophets who sought to enforce the covenant.

42. Nehemiah’s covenant enforcement took the form of excluding foreigners from the assembly, removing Tobiah from the temple, restoring the Levitical tithes, stopping Sabbath breaking, and disciplining those who had intermarried with pagans.

43. The book of _____________ shows how God providentially acted so that His people could return to their land and rebuild their temple.

44. Which son of David led a rebellion against him?

45. References to Joshua’s death and the elders that outlived him indicate that these final notations in Joshua were added by another inspired writer, perhaps ___________.

46. Saul’s disobedience of the divine command to abolish the Moabites caused Yahweh to reject him as king.

47. Through ____________, the miraculous healing of leprous Naaman demonstrates Yahweh’s supremacy and grace to all people, even those outside the covenant community.

48. David’s character is highlighted in that he refuses to kill Saul. This shows his respect for the office of king and the significance of God’s anointing.

49. According to our textbook, one reason for the northern kingdom’s downfall is their intermarriage with pagan nations.

50. Because the temple represented the presence of God among His people, the pinnacle of Solomon’s career was His construction and dedication of the temple.

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