What were the main elements of the Industrial Revolution?


1. Read textbook chapters 8 through 10.

2. Read Document 1, an excerpt by John Rutherford about the need for and construction of the Erie Canal.

3. Examine Documents 2 and 3, maps of The Erie Canal and proposed railway routes across the Midwestern United States.

4. Answer the questions that follow and be sure to label your answers and submit in the inbox below in the accepted formats. 


1) What were the main elements of the Industrial Revolution?

2) Why was it so important for John Rutherford that the goods and agricultural products produced in Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio, and the Great Lakes region flow through western New York state?

3)What can Document 2 teach historians about the Eire Canal and its significance? 

4) What does Document 3 inform current students of history about?

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