While at Perga on his first missionary journey, _____________ left and returned to Jerusalem while Paul and Barnabas went on.

Answer set 2 

1. While at Perga on his first missionary journey, _____________ left and returned to Jerusalem while Paul and Barnabas went on.

2. Being a ___________, Paul appealed the charges against him to Caesar and was sent to

3. On his second missionary journey, Paul receives a vision at ________ that encourages him to travel to Macedonia.

4. The birth and growth of the church in Acts reveals God’s plan to take the gospel to the world as an extension of the Jewish messianic hope from its beginning in Jewish Jerusalem to the heart of the Gentile world in Rome.

5. The book of Acts is addressed to Theophilus.

6. What deacon was responsible for taking the Gospel to Samaria?

7. According to our textbook, there are five key ideas in the book of Acts. _____________ is one of these ideas.

8. On his third missionary journey, Paul establishes churches in ___________ where he also writes 1 & 2 Corinthians.

9. The convert Saul would eventually exchange his Jewish name for the Greco-Roman name ___________, as he expanded his ministry to the Gentiles.

10. Following the resurrection, Jesus appeared to the disciples for ______________.

11. As the good news spread to Syrian Antioch and many believed, Jewish leaders had ________ killed and had Peter thrown in jail.

12. According to our textbook, the Acts of the Apostles” isn’t a survey of the ministry of all twelve disciples; rather it is about ____________ and _____________.

13. Who did Paul take with him on his second missionary journey.

14. Paul’s evangelistic ministry on his second missionary journey was so successful among the Gentiles that a public demonstration broke out. It was led by a silversmith idol makers whose business losses were extensive because of the great number of Christian converts.

15. The textbook argues that the book of Acts could be called “_________________” rather than
“The Acts of the Apostles.

16. According to our textbook, what is the key verse for the book of Acts?

17. ______________ became the first Christian martyred for preaching the gospel.

18. The book of Acts traces the growth of the church in ____________ concentric circles.

19. At the ___________________ it was determined that Gentiles were not required to be circumcised and that both Jews and Gentiles were saved by grace through faith alone.

20. The Holy Spirit was poured out on the believers at _______________.

21. While ministering ______________ during his first missionary journey, a Jewish magician was struck blind and a Roman proconsul was converted.

22. It is possible that the recipient of Acts was a Roman official or nobleman who became a

23. Jewish authorities finally arrested Paul at __________ where he defended himself before the Sanhedrin.

24. The book of Acts includes twenty-three ___________ which make up one-third of the book.

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