Bayonne NJ_Transportation Dispatching Services

Based on the topic you choose, you should develop a model (mathematical model) and or research framework. The model will guide you to collect appropriate data so you should carefully develop the model.

The paper should focus on minimizing the travel time of the #10 bus in Bayonne. My team and I came up with maybe the bus taking an alternative route like an express route. And we would have to use a model similar to this one. The network modeling. The literature review has to include journals of other people who have a done a similar project that includes their mathematical models, formulas, equations, etc. We have to discuss why ours will be different. I’m attaching what I wrote for the objective of study.

Here are websites: <link is hidden> /> (Could be use for literature review –> <link is hidden><link is hidden> /> attach_file

Use the template attached
Problems Statement
Literature Review
Model Development
Data Sources and Description (not needed at this time)
Results and Discussion (not needed at this time)
Reference (you should add since you complete Introduction and Literature Review)

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