Costco’s sustainable development and future plan



The completed formal report will consist of approximately 10 computer-generated pages and will include the following (use headings and subheadings):

  1. Letter of Transmittal*
  2. Title page*
  3. Summary/Abstract*
  4. Table of Contents*
  5. Introduction/Background,
  6. List of References (minimum 3)*
  7. Glossary
  8. Appendix (maps, graphs, charts, diagrams, photographs, and other matter not appropriate for the text)*

* Each of these information areas is a page of its own. The rest (“text”) is continuous. See next page for thumbnail template

Report Format

A. P. A. Guidelines

Font:                             Arial or Calibri or Times New Roman

Font size:                     12, including all headings and subheadings.

Line spacing:               2 (except for letter of transmittal and title page)

Paragraph:                  Indent every new paragraph. The whole document is consistently double spaced; there should be no extra spaces between paragraphs within content areas. Although APA Style does not add an extra “Enter” between content areas (headings and subheadings), doing so is advised to make the document easier to read.

Margins:                      Left, not justified; 1” all around

Subordination:          Heading (bold, centred, each word beginning in upper case, no period, first paragraph beginning on next line); Subheading (bold, L margin, each word beginning in upper case, no period, first paragraph beginning on next line); Sub-subheading (bold, indented one tab from L margin, only the first word beginning in upper case, period except for figures and tables, first paragraph continuing on same line except for figures and tables). Use “talking headings” for subheadings and sub-subheadings.

Header:                        Insert page number; type key words of header, each beginning in upper case; add five character spaces between the header and page number. The header and page number are the same font and size as the rest of the text in the document. Pagination begins on the title page and continues through whole document, including references and appendices. Use only Arabic digits and no Roman numerals.


Report Content

Letter of Transmittal 

A letter of transmittal announces the report topic and explains who authorized it, if applicable. It gives a broad overview of report purposes and briefly describes the project and previews the conclusions. The letter usually describes the primary and secondary research. Such letters generally close by expressing appreciation for the assignment, suggesting follow-up actions, acknowledging the help of others, or offering to answer questions. The margins for the transmittal should be the same as for the report, but in all other areas, should follow conventional letter format. Letters of transmittal may contain personal pronouns and references to the writer. This letter may be attached to the report as the first page (not numbered), or be slipped under the front cover of the report.




The introduction is the first component of the actual report. It details the circumstances leading up to the report and the reasons for the report. Use Introduction as the major heading for this main part.

Divide the content into four parts under the subheadings Problem, Background, Purpose and Scope.

  1. The problem (or needs analysis) focuses your report by presenting the topic, pinpointing the approach, and letting your audience know exactly what the report will cover and what approach will be taken. This statement is like a thesis. State the topic that you will be dealing with and mention how you will address it and what the solutions are. Try to stay under 50 words, and use no more than two sentences.
  1. The background section describes the project. The background lists the circumstances leading to the present situation and why the project or study is necessary. Include any general information that might be needed to interpret your findings.
  1. The purpose statement addresses the major factors that you had to keep in mind and states what you will do in the report. This listing or description should be in the same order as the information is presented in the body of the report. You could mention how the main sections of the report are divided. Use specific verbs like describe, explain, analyze, present and recommend, to explain your actions.
  1. The scope outlines the limitations such as cost, time and other factors to indicate the circumstances that prevented you from getting information. This section can be included as part of your purpose or background section.
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