How To Watch TV News Topics

English 1 Research Paper Project: The Topics Your Primary Source: How To Watch TV News Instruction-. general topics, research it, limit it to a specific topic, and create a “research question.” Next, do research and then write your 8-10 page research paper to answer the research question. The answer will be your thesis statement.⮚ Include, from How To Watch TV News or Unfreedom of the Press and other sources, relevant ideas concerning your topic.⮚ Also, include specifics not mentioned in your primary source. In other words, include specific ideas, examples, reasons, statistics, details, expert opinion, and facts from actual TV news broadcasts, the internet, newspapers, journalists, and other writers concerning your topic. How To Watch TV News Topics[Do not discuss programs such as ET, Access Hollywood, Good Morning America, 48 Hours, etc. Those programs do not emphasize hard news reports. They are intended mainly for entertainment.]1. What is and what should be the role of journalists in the reporting of TV news?2. What is the role of the Associated Press concerning the reporting of TV news? What are the advantages and disadvantages of the Associated Press?<link is hidden> What is the “problematic nature of facts”? What are the problems associated with the collection of facts concerning a news event?4. What are some problems with the senses concerning the reporting of TV news events?5. What are some possible “patterns of influence” reflected in TV news reporting? (17)6. The large number of TV news programs: Why are there so many TV news programs? What are the benefits and disadvantages of the proliferation of TV new programs?7. What factors interfere with the presentation of truth in TV news reports?8. The benefits and disadvantages of reenactments and docudramas in TV news programs.9. Commercials as manipulation of the social and psychic lives of the TV viewers. (5-6)10. Television in the courtroom. (Chapter 10)
11. The impact of TV news reports on children.12. Violence and moral degeneracy that are the staples of TV news.13. Ineptitude of political leaders as a part of TV news.14. CNN Student News, a benefit or a danger?15. The impact of TV news on multiculturalism versus assimilation. (p. 152-153)16. The practice of TV news programs reporting on war as if it were entertainment.17. Regarding war correspondents as “unprivileged belligerents”<link is hidden> “Information glut” in TV news programs.19. The bias of language in TV news programs. 20. The bias of pictures in TV news programs.21. What are the benefits and dangers of TV networks possessing information about the viewers?

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