Setting healthy boundaries isn’t about control. Secondly, having healthy boundaries is self-care



         Select a topic on which you hold a strong opinion.  Develop a speech that clearly and convincingly supports your position.  As always, your speech should be based on audience analysis and should include an effective introduction, a clearly organized and well-developed body, and a carefully constructed conclusion.  The emphasis in this speech will be on the quality of your arguments.  Special attention should be given to developing logical and emotional appeals.  Valid and authoritative evidence garnered from research (statistics, surveys, case studies, definitions, and testimony), as well as explanations, examples and supplementary aids should be used to support ideas.  As a result of your speech, the audience should:  (1) be convinced to share your opinion on your topic and/or (2) be moved to some kind of action.

Sample Topics:

1.      Cloning: Why the Cloning of Humans Should Be Banned

2.      Library Technology: Why the Internet Should Not Be Censored

3.      Gang Violence: What Neighborhoods Should Do

4.      Parkinson’s Disease: What’s the Most Effective Treatment?


1.      At least five researched sources are required.  (Note: Any internet source cited should come from an established organization, journal, or educational institution.  A printed copy of the on-line source(s) used must be attached to your outline.)  As a general rule, use source that have been published within the last five years.

2.      A minimum of five oral citations is required.  Balance your citations throughout your speech.

3.      A detailed outline and reference page prepared according to the specifications set forth in class must be turned in before you make your presentation.

4.      A supplementary aid is required for the speech.

5.      Your speech should be five to seven minutes in length.

CMMC 151 Library Guide:

For assistance in topic selection and source citation as well as easy access to credible sources for speech development, go to

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