Assignment #1 of 3:  Treaty with Great Britain, 1783R

Unit 2, Assignment #1 of 3:  Treaty with Great Britain, 1783
Refer to the excerpt from the “Treaty with Great Britain” by clicking the Treaty-1783 link above. Use the treaty along with the textbook and a map to answer the questions that follow. Tip:  type “United States Map 1783” and the same for “1801” into the Images section of the internet search engine Google to access a variety of maps that are useful for this part of Assignment 2.1.  Identify the two principal types of reference points use by the negotiators to delineate the boundaries of the new United States (hint:  one of the types is not “real”). Give at least one example of each type.2.  Where in Article II is there a directional reference that does not conform to geographic reality? (Specify the wording that is incorrect in the treaty).Why was this error was committed?3.  What parts of the continental United States today were not part of the U.S. in 1783? What countries claimed these lands (specify which country claimed which part) beyond U.S. borders in 1801?Unit 2, Assignment #2 of 3:  Great Seal of the United States1.  The young United States wanted to express to the world — and to its own citizens — some essential elements of the new nation’s identity. Look at both sides of the Great Seal of the United States, which you can view by clicking the Great Seal of the United States link above. Identify six different elements on each side of the seal (for a total of twelve), and explain what the symbolism is of each element.

Unit 2, Assignment #3 of 3:  Charleston Mercury

Study the notes on Women in the Early Nineteenth Century, and then do this part of the assignment.

The Charleston Mercury, a newspaper published in Charleston, South Carolina, printed several advertisements on 26 January 1830. Open the file “Charleston Mercury” by clicking the CHARLESTON MERCURY link above. Analyze the details of each of the eight ads, and explain what each ad — individually — reveals about women’s lives at the time. Type only the title of each ad before your analyze it, e.g. “Fifty Dollars Reward.” Don’t reproduce the whole ad in your assignment.

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