Case Study – Global Economics of Tourism

ECO332 – Global Economics of Tourism


Value = 15%

Total Marks:           /40


  1. Download the case study “!Xaus Lodge: From White Elephant to the Heart of the Community”  from the Assignments tab on Blackboard.
  • Start a new Word document (do NOT use this document) and, using information from the case, answer the following questions.  Be sure to label each question clearly in your document (ie. “Question 1”) and then type your answer below.  Present your thoughts clearly to maximize your potential grade.

**Note:  As some of the topics are inter-related, it is advisable that you read ALL questions before answering, and plan your answers accordingly so as to minimize any overlap in your responses. 

Submission Instructions: 

  1. When you have finished your assignment, save your file. 
  • Upload your completed file to Blackboard using the assignment link provided for you by the due date.

**Note:  This is an individual assignment and should be completed individually.  Working together with other students on an individual assignment and/or copying someone else’s computer file is considered a violation of Seneca’s Academic Integrity policy.

!Xaus Lodge: From White Elephant to the Heart of the Community – 45 marks total

Question 1:

The Khomani San and Mier communities received land and a government grant to build a lodge for the purposes of earning tourism revenue.  However, the lodge failed as a business and was subsequently abandoned.  According to the case, what factors contributed to the failure?                              (5 marks)

Question 2:

What were the negative environmental impacts of the original setup of the lodge (before it failed)?          (2 marks)

Question 3:

In the original establishment of the lodge, what factors impacted supply and demand?  In your answer, be sure to explain the effects of these factors on supply and demand and how this contributed to its failure as a business.            (6 marks)

Question 4:

Through the management agreement with TFPD, the lodge was revived and became operational.  How did the government contribute to the success of the lodge?         (2 marks)

Question 5:

How has the agreement with TFPD and the resulting increase in tourism to the region had a positive impact on economic growth for the local community?  In your answer, be sure to consider various economic topics discussed in class throughout the semester and cite specific information from the case to support your answer.            (10 marks)

Question 6:

What positive contributions to sustainability are evident in the case?  In your answer, be sure to consider various aspects of sustainability, including local culture, environment, charity, etc.            (10 marks)

Question 7:

Do you have any concerns related to continued sustainability for the region in the future? Provide reasoning for your answer.  Some areas to consider when forming your answer are: government commitment, consumable vs. non-consumable natural resources, cooperation of indigenous people and disruption to their natural lifestyles, uniqueness of resources.     (5 marks)

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