Cold War Documentary Part 17 – “Good Guys, Bad Guys” 1967-1978

At the following links, view the two designated episodes from the 1998 Times-Warner Cold War Documentary produced by Ted Turner:

Cold War Documentary Part 17 – “Good Guys, Bad Guys” 1967-1978

Cold War Documentary Part 18 – “Backyard” 1954-1990

You are also required to read the following primary documents from Chapter 26 on MINDTAP:

“The Truman Doctrine” & “The Brezhnev Doctrine”

Answer the following study questions in a 600-word minimum essay, quoting the films and the primary documents at least once each in your essay to help support your conclusions. Do not answer in bullet points or in a numbered list, but as an essay with at least 3 well formed paragraphs answering the questions posed. At the end of your essay YOU MUST post a study question of your own for your fellow students to consider and answer in their response posts. Post your initial response to all parts of my prompt BEFORE FRIDAY 12/2 at 11:59 pm and make responses to 2 different fellow student posts BEFORE SUNDAY 12/4, 11:59 pm.


1. Properly identify your sources: The 1998 Times-Warner film and the primary documents, supplying description of sources, dates, names, producers, publishers, places, etc.

2. Describe the ambitions and approaches of each Cold War World Power, the USA and the USSR, to the 3rd World Developing Countries discussed in these films. How did each nation justify its actions in these events?

3. Name and describe the various “Hot Spots” of the Cold War discussed in these sources. Who were the winners and losers in these incidents?

4. What role did Truman and Brezhnev play in the dynamics of the Cold War? Do you believe the fears of each nation against the other was justified? Why or Why not?


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