World Regional Geography


Keeping up with current events is a very important component of our global lives and will help make sense of what we discuss in this world regional geography course. For this assignment, briefly review and then analyze a current event(s) in any region of your choice on the topic of climate change and global warming and its related topics like Anthropocene, and sustainability. The purpose of this exercise is to help you understand how key geographic themes/concepts around global warming and climate change and its related topics, tie with the world around you and enhance your geographic and global knowledge. More generally, after taking this course, when you read or watch the news, you will have a greater awareness than before of the geographic concepts and themes related to current events.

Current Event Instructions

Maximum points for current event: 12

(The current event assignment is worth 15% of your final grade)

Find a recent news article using one of the suggested online sources below or other reputable sources that deals with themes/concepts discussed in class on climate change and global warming and its related topics. However, the ONE news article you choose may or may not focus exclusively on the U.S. Choose an article of substance (e.g., do not choose an article that is only 1-2 paragraphs in length). The article must be current/recent, going back to a year at most in terms of date.

Suggested online sources:


Type up the following about your selected current event using complete sentences double spaced, using Times New Roman font, size 12, and in minimum 600 words:

  1. Provide citation information for the article including: author, date, article title, source name, web address and date accessed. You can use APA, MLA etc. format, based on your convenience.

See for assistance. (1 point)

  • In the write up you should do the following:
  • Summarize the article.
  • Name 4 geographic concepts/themes relevant to the article and underline them.
  • Define each term in your own words.
  • Explain how each concept/theme can increase your understanding of the article. This means use each concept to analyze the article.  

For e.g., this includes key terms highlighted in the climate change lecture series (Lectures on Climate Change-Anthropocene-Sustainability-Environmental Justice) and vocabulary words from the readings connected to it,  such as climate change, global warming, definition of weather, definition of climate, mechanisms of climate change, greenhouse gases, social vulnerability, Anthropocene, sustainability etc. Only use terms discussed in the material allocated for the climate change lecture series. (8 points).

  • Briefly indicate your thoughts on and reactions to the event based upon what you have learned in this course. Does this relate to something discussed in class? How do geographic concepts and themes help you to think about the current event? (2 point)
  • Copy and paste the article text into your document and italicize it. (The article doesn’t count towards your word count). (1 point)

DUE DATE:  BLACKBOARD 21st March (Sunday) BEFORE 11.59 p.m.


Here is a SAMPLE (In PURPLE)  and see how I explain my instructions step by step

—First, please follow the instructions, and see how the grades will be given.

—-Second: when you go to a news media site, use search terms like “Climate Change” and you will get a treasure trove of good and current news articles. Choose any ONE SUBSTANTIVE news article. When I say current, you can go back up to a year at most in terms of date.

—Third, let me give you an example/SAMPLE of how to analyze a current event on climate change. Use this as a template or guide. This assignment is like a paper or an essay. The sample below shows how you can write it and in the different paragraphs what you must write.

  • Cite the article.
  • Say you found an article that polar bears are entering human settlements in the areas close to the Arctic Circle in search of food. 

First Paragraph:

The article states that the bear’s food supply and natural habitat is being destroyed due to global warming and climate change. (THIS IS THE SUMMARY, you can have a more elaborate summary).

  • Here you can immediately use the concept of climate change (FIRST CONCEPT).

Second Paragraph:

 You underline the words climate change and tell me the definition of climate change and say that the bears are moving into human habitation because of climate change. You describe what is climate change and say that it can impact the food supply of bears. Hence, now they come searching for food in human settlements.

  • Then the second concept that you can use is that you tell me the mechanism of climate change (AS WE DISCUSSED: SECOND CONCEPT).

Third Paragraph:

Underline the concept of mechanism of climate change. Here you say what is the mechanism of climate change, which is that this climate change occurs due to the accumulation of greenhouse gases that absorb and re-radiate the infrared radiation back to earth, thereby warming it. This mechanism is responsible for reducing the bear’s food supply, so they come into human settlements for food.

  • Then you say that due to this mechanism of climate change, the everyday weather conditions are changing, so polar bears are moving out of their habitation places. Here you use the third concept of weather (THIRD CONCEPT). 

Fourth Paragraph:

Then you underline and define weather. Weather is the daily changes in atmospheric conditions over a small place for a small period of time (this is the definition).  Then say how weather conditions like daily temperatures, are being made more extreme (i.e. high daily temperatures are recorded more), that disrupts ecosystems, that includes melting sea ice due to excessive heat or high temperature on a daily basis. This in turn disrupts polar bear’s food supply. So, because of climate change, there are changes in weather, making it more extreme that destroy ecosystems, that is causing the polar bears to move out.

  • Finally, you can say this article shows that we need to be more sustainable (FOURTH CONCEPT). 

Fifth Paragraph: 

Underline and define sustainability as the importance to preserve resources etc for the future generation. Then say if we are not sustainable and go on contributing to climate change, then we will create disruptions that pushes the polar bears out of their habitats.

  • Then you state your INFORMED OPINION.

Sixth Paragraph:

That is, you can say we need to be very careful about what we are doing to the planet…….i.e. whatever your thoughts are.

  • Copy and paste the article text into your document and italicize it.
  • So you see folks, an article on polar bears moving out into human settlements has been analyzed using 4 concepts: Climate Change, Mechanism of Climate Change, Weather and Sustainability. Each time I used the concepts, I applied it back to the polar bears moving into human settlements due to loss of habitat.
  • You need to write this assignment like an essay or paper with 6 CONTINUOUS paragraphs, plus citation at the beginning and copy pasting the article at the end. The sample shows what is to be written in each paragraph.
  • So, select an article on climate change. And of course, the easiest concepts that you can use are CLIMATE CHANGE, ITS MECHANISM, WEATHER and SUSTAINABILITY.  In fact you can apply these 4 concepts to practically ANY article on climate change!!
  • You could also use concepts like GREENHOUSE GASES (say what are greenhouse gases and how it causes climate change): OR ANTHROPOCENE (for Anthropocene you can say that humans are intervening in climate and have changed it drastically, a sign that we are living in the Anthropocene that is why the polar bears are now moving); OR SOCIAL VULNERABILITY (say that climate change affects the poorest and most marginalized social groups that include poor women who do not have the resources to cope with and resist the impacts of climate change).
  • The Choice of Concepts should be determined by You based on the news article that you are analyzing, and seeing which concepts are Suitable to analyze the article. BUT AGAIN, to make your task easier, I have already mentioned the 4 easiest concepts that you can use: Climate Change, Its Mechanism, Weather and Sustainability.


**If you are still confused Then here are the QUICK TIPS: —First, you summarize the article. —Second, you use 4 concepts to analyze the article, underline them, define them and use them. Please see above, to see how I have used them. —Third, you state your informed opinion. —Fourth, you cite the article and copy-paste the article. If still confused call my google number 312-324-4681. Email me first, to set up a time to call, OR please use my office hours for help. Best of luck!!  You can do this. 😊 I am here to assist you in your education.  
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