Romanesque, Gothic, Byzantine, Judaism, Christianity

HUM 1020

Romanesque, Gothic, Byzantine, Judaism, Christianity

Test 4

1) Who becomes king of Italy after the fall of the Roman Empire in the West in 476 CE? A) Alaric b) Odovacer c) Romulus Augustulus

2) Who was the first Catholic king of France? A) Charlemagne b) Chlodimir c) Clovis d) Pepin the Short

3) What type of church music did Pope Gregory standardize? A) plainchant b) organ music c) choirsong d) Gregorian chant

4) Why is Beowulf significant?

5) Who becomes the first Holy Roman Emperor?

6) What is the national epic poem of France?

7-8) Name 2 Middle Ages Art characteristics.

9) What is the masterpiece of illuminated manuscripts?

10) What basilica is Charlemagne’s Palace Chapel based on?

11) What is considered the masterpiece of goldwork in the Middle Ages?

12) What is a troubadour?

13) What is scholasticism?

14) Who called the First Crusade?

15) What is the Magna Carta?

16-17) Name 2 characteristics of Romanesque Art.

18) Which artwork gives a detailed account of medieval warfare?

19) Which artwork is the masterpiece of Romanesque Art?

20) What is a reliquary?

21) What is considered the masterpiece of Romanesque sculpture?

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30) What was the reconquista?

31) Which philosopher was combined with Christianity by St Thomas Aquinas?

32) Why is Dante Alighieri significant to Italian as a language?

33) Who is Giotto?

34) What is Geoffrey Chaucer famous for writing?

35-36) List 2 characteristics of Gothic Art.

37) Which of these is NOT typical of a Gothic Cathedral? A) rose window b) two towers c) three entrances d) dome e) row of statues across front

38) Why does Chartres Cathedral have 2 completely different towers?

39) Why did Louis IX of France build Ste Chapelle?

40) What is considered the masterpiece of Gothic Cathedrals?

41) What is considered the masterpiece of Gothic sculpture?

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51) Which of these was not a major faith that developed in the Middle East during and after the collapse of the Roman Empire? A) Judaism b) Christianity c) Gnosticism d) Mithraism e) Zoroastrianism f) Islam

52) Which of these new faiths did not practice conversion? A) Christianity b) Islam c) Judaism d) Mithraism

53-55) Which 3 of these religions are the only modern day survivors?

56) Who was the first Hebrew king? A) David b) Saul c) Solomon d) Hezekiah

57) What are the Hebrew holy writings called?

58) What is the Islamic holy book called?

59) What is the Christian holy book called?

60) What is the Babylonian Captivity?

61) Who was Pontius Pilate?

62) What city became the center for the Christian faith?

63) From the year 60 until the 1500s what was the only type of Christianity that existed?

64) What did the Edict of Milan do?

65) What did the Edict of Theodosius do?

66) What was the Exodus?

67-69) List 3 characteristics of Early Christian Art.

70-72) List 3 characteristics of Byzantine Art.

73) Who were the Knight’s Templar?

74) What was established during the Albigensian Crusade?

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79) What was the original purpose of halos?

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84-90) During the Middle Ages, symbol became increasingly important while style and skill suffered. This is particularly true with painting, sculpture, mosiacs and illuminated manuscripts. Why do you think that architecture did NOT suffer from lack of skill as much as the other styles of art did?

91-95) What was unique about the Albigensian Crusade?

96-100) Who were the Knight’s Templar?

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