Was Andrew Jackson’s Indian Removal Policy Motivated By Humanitarian Impulses?


( ISSUE 9 )

1. clear thesis- 1st paragraph (your point/ position on the issue) + some background 

2. mimimum of 5 pgs, typed in 10/12 font, double spaced

3. minimum of 5 citations from each T/S author (10 citations with “balance”)

4. endnotes are not part of the 5 page minimum essay 

5. margins of more than 1″ on all 4 sides 

6. basis of citing (3 conditions) : 

         a) quoting a source

         b) not “common knowledge” 

         c) paraphrasing the auhtor/ work 

7. use “chicago style” citing formate- with a superscribted number at the end of your quote, paraphrase or reference^2

8. citations must be from the book

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