Article Critique Reports

Rubric for Article Critique Reports

Week 4 – Assignments 4a and 4b

Assignment 4 (indicate 4a or 4b)
Title1.Title of the article, journal name, your name 3
Purpose/Research problem2a. What is the purpose of the study? Is it clearly identified? Is the research problem important? 5
 2b. Identify the dependent variable(s) 3
 2c. Identify the independent variable(s) 3
Literature review3a. Are the cited sources relevant to the study? 3
 3b. Does the literature review offer a balanced critical analysis of the literature? 3
 3c. Are the cited studies recent? 3
Theoretical framework*4a. Has a conceptual or theoretical framework been identified? 3
 4b. If yes, is the framework adequately described? 3
Design and procedures5a. Identify the study design used in this study? Make sure that you select the exact type of design used, i.e., one of the three discussed this week. 5
 5b. Is the study design appropriate to answer the research question? 3
 5c. What type of sampling design was used? 5
 5d. Was the sample size justified on the basis of a power analysis or other rationale? 5
 5e. Are the inclusion and exclusion criteria clearly identified? What are they? 5
 5f. What measurement tools were used for the dependent variable(s)? 5
 5g. What measurement tools were used for the independent variable(s)? 5
 5h. Were validity and reliability issues discussed? 4
Ethical considerations6a. Were the participants fully informed about the nature of the research? 3
 6b. Were the participants protected from harm? 2
 6c. Was ethical permission granted for the study? 3
Data analysis7a. What type of data and statistical analysis was undertaken? 3
 7b. Was the statistical analysis appropriate to address the research question? 2
Results8. What are the results of the study? Did the results answer the research question(s)? 5
Discussion9a. Were the findings linked back to the literature review? 3
 9b. Did the authors identify study limitations? What were they? 5
 9c. Do you think the limitations are serious enough to impact the internal and external validity** of the study? 3
Overall assessment10. What is your overall assessment of the study? 5
Total  100

Source: Coughlan M, Cronin P, Ryan F. Step-by-step guide to critiquing research. Part 1: quantitative research. Br J Nurs. 2007;16(11):658-63.

* A conceptual or theoretical framework/model is a representation of a concept and the relationships between this concept and other variables that might impact it or be affected by it. It provides structure to a study and a rationale for the different relationships between the variables. Not every study has to have a conceptual or theoretical framework clearly outlined. The better research questions are usually the ones informed by theory and a corresponding framework. For an example, check the following article:

** The validity of a study, in contrast to the validity of measurements, is the degree to which study results  are accurate and well-founded, when account is taken of study methods, representativeness of study sample, and nature of the population from which it is drawn.

  • Internal validity (results are attributed to hypothesized effect and not sample differences)

External validity (generalizability)                  

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