Corporate Social Responsibility

FIRST: IDENTIFY YOUR TOPIC (You MUST choose from one of the topics below)
Online Learning
Corporate Social Responsibility
Food Industry
SECOND: Read pages 529-533 in your Textbook (Chapter 24)–This is VERY important because your Bibliography will follow the visual format that the Chapter presents (Title centered; MLA Works Cited entry precedes the summary; After the summary, the evaluative paragraph is indented; there is an extra space between each source)
THIRD: Choose 4 sources that focus on your topic. The topic should be ONE of the topics we have been exploring in the past 3 weeks: Online Learning, Food Industry, Corporate Social Responsibility.
1st choice must be a peer reviewed article from an academic source retrieved from a database:
Video on Searching through the databases:
<link is hidden> (Links to an external site.)

2nd choice must be from a database or google scholar
3rd choice can be your choice: interview, documentary, book, website, etc
4th choice can be from a database, book, video, editorial, report, documentary, etc
FOURTH: Write a one paragraph summary of each source: Writing A Summary Information
FIFTH: Write a one paragraph evaluation of the credibility of the source OR how the source contributes to your topic research.
SIXTH: Follow the EXACT same format as the example on page 504 in your textbook: Works Cited entry formatted with hanging indent, followed by summary paragraph which is flush left (no indent for first sentence), followed by evaluation paragraph (first line of this paragraph is indented). Then, you repeat this for each source.
NOTE: The Annotated Bibliography should present sources in alphabetical order (by author’s last name or title, if there is no author)
MLA Works Cited help :

<link is hidden> (Links to an external site.) (Hint: Click on the Works Cited Examples tab at the top of the page to find examples of specific sources)
<link is hidden> (Links to an external site.)
Chapter 28 Everyone’s An Author (pages 563-616–Use the table of Contents for this Chapter, pages 5563-565, to help find information quickly)
Handout on How to Get to the Library Database: Click Here for Handout

Tutorial on using databases: Finding and Using a <link is hidden>

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