Fighting climate change an environment and social justice issue to those logging and mining in the Amazon in Brazil

As burgeoning academics, our goal is to investigate topics of concern and make contributions to the larger conversation surrounding those topics. In our course this semester, we investigated different aspects connected to Social Justice and Climate Change, Workers’ Rights, and Activism. As we have seen, issues of social justice manifest in myriad ways. Your task in this research project is to shed light on a particular area of intersection between social justice and your chosen topic, and to ask the question, “What are the roles and responsibilities each member of society should have toward the most vulnerable populations?”

To successfully complete this research project you will need to:
– Identify a topic under the larger umbrella of social justice and narrow it down appropriately
– Conduct research through the use of academic databases and search engines
– Construct an argument that highlights your position in relation to your chosen topic
– Annotate the sources you choose to support your argument (10 Sources minimum)
– Submit these annotations in a formal Annotated Bibliography
– Draft your 10 page research paper and participate in peer review

In order to effectively craft any argument, substantial research is necessary. Before any argument may be articulated, you must familiarize yourself with the topic area so as to inform your position and allow for a supported argument. You may include 2 of the assigned readings, should they be applicable, as part of the 10 sources required for the paper. Additionally, at least 4 of these sources must be scholarly articles in your field of inquiry. As a reminder, scholarly sources are most often published in academic journals and are peer reviewed.

Use this sources below and find 6 more including scholarly sources. I need a minimum total of 10 sources.
França, Filipe M., et al. “Climatic and local stressor interactions threaten tropical forests and
coral reefs.” Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B 375.1794 (2020): 1-8.

Lee, Jung-Seok, and Andrew Farlow. “The threat of climate change to non-dengue-endemic
countries: increasing risk of dengue transmission potential using climate and non-
climate datasets.” BMC Public Health 19.1 (2019): 1-7.

Rich, Nathaniel. “Losing earth: The decade we almost stopped climate change.” New York
Times Magazine 1 (2018): 9-30.

Thrift, Erin, and Jeff Sugarman. “What is social justice? Implications for
psychology.” Journal of Theoretical and Philosophical Psychology 39.1 (2019): 1.

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