Final Project: Persuasive Essay

Final Project: Persuasive Essay


  • The Final Project is 25% of the final grade: 20% for the essay and 5% for proposal, annotated works cited, and first pages for the draft workshop
  • Length: 5 pages (the Works Cited is NOT included in the page count)

The final project will be a five page persuasive research paper based on a work from our textbook that was NOT assigned for class or the topic individual student guided discussions. 

The final project consists of three phases: the research phase resulting in an annotated bibliography;
the writing phase, which includes a first page workshop and results in the writing of a five page persuasive essay; and the third phase, an oral presentation of your project. The oral presentation is graded separately.

**A proposal and annotated bibliography of sources submitted prior to the project due date and participation in a first draft workshop is REQUIRED.

Writing Topic Details:

Choose the work for your project from the textbook NOT assigned for class or the topic of your class guided discussion.   Follow the “points for demonstrating contributions” below.  Argue for the contribution the work you chose makes to literature and perhaps your awareness – its value.  Support your view with researched criticism published by other authors that demonstrate or contradict the contributions you have identified.  Use contrary views where appropriate.  Connect the research to YOUR analysis and understanding of the work with SPECIFIC and QUOTED examples from the literature and research in support of your view. 

  • Suggested Points for Demonstrating the Contribution:
    — In this work, the author uses language in effective ways, formal strategies, and
        innovations that offer particularly accurate representations of experience

                — The author/work introduces a formerly marginalized or unrecognized point of view

                — The author/work has something important to say on social, historical, or cultural issues

— The work /author influences other writers or popular culture with examples from the text

— The author/work has a favorable reception by other writers, critics, or the public; use
    examples to show how the work demonstrates the qualities that you and others admire

** Biographical information (biography) should be limited to the emphasis of your developing thesis, and your insights must be supported by researched evidence.

Apply a minimum of five good sources in your paper.  Include sources from the library databases, but use only one Web site.  The Abcarian (our text) is not considered a research source although the work you used from the textbook should be cited on the Work Cited page as you will be referring to it.  Use analysis and interpretation to present a coherent and convincing persuasive essay based on the criteria you identified.  Correct documentation throughout the essay and a works cited page is required (use MLA style: See Easy Writer).  Additional Web sites may be allowed with permission of the instructor after applying the required number of sources.

    *Oral Presentation 5% of the final grade: At the end of the semester, you will give a 7-10 minute oral presentation of your final project.  In addition, the teacher and fellow students may ask questions about your subject. You will be graded on preparedness. Instructions to follow.

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