Leadership Intervention

Rubric for Leadership Intervention

Must presents 2 viable interventions with clear integration of the analysis conducted in the discussion.

Must recommends and justifies one intervention over the other even with the support from information not available from the  assigned case.

Must presents an action plan with clear and specific objective

Report should be 1 to 2 pages

The third key component to the leadership case study format is leadership

intervention. Students are expected to develop and demonstrate their critical 

thinking skills regarding the creation of a solution.

Leadership intervention should be designed in three steps:

1. Design 2 possible interventions for the most important critical issue.

2. Recommend one intervention over the other (prioritizing/arguing).

3. Outline an action plan (e.g. to direct, to motivate, to support).

i. This includes the timeline, objectives, tasks, strategies, etc. 

that others need to follow.

Intervention is described as the planned actions to be taken by the leaders to 

improve the situation produced by the most important critical issue identified in 

the discussion.

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