Should police officers be required to wear body cameras?

English 1A – Essay #2 – Argument
Congratulations on making it to this point of the semester! You’ve shown a lot of determination, and
you deserve to feel proud of your achievement. Hopefully you’re noticing significant progress in both
your approach to writing and in your writing itself.
For Essay #2, you will be writing an argumentative research paper. Your essay should advance and
support an arguable position, one that readers could disagree with. You may find it helpful to refer to
the “How to Write an Argument Essay” handout and video (found in Week Seven) to review the steps
to writing an effective argument paper. You should also view the tutorial on how to use the Chaffey
College Library databases to research your essay topic and the tutorial on finding, evaluating,
integrating, and citing sources (found in Week Eight). You can find 24/7 research assistance from a
reference librarian available here:
When it’s time to write, begin your essay with a hook and enough background information to
familiarize readers with your topic and explain its current relevance. Your introduction should include
an ambitious thesis that clearly states your position and that provides a specific forecast of where your
essay is headed. Follow this forecast with body paragraphs that start with an argumentative topic
sentence. Develop at least one counter argument for at least five sentences, and then undermine this
opposing viewpoint. Be sure to reference at least five authoritative sources to support your claims.
Wrap up your essay with a conclusion that proposes a solution or a compromise, that explains the
significance of your topic, that issues a call to action, and/or that uses an anecdote to emphasize your
main idea. Your essay must also include a Works Cited page in correct MLA format.
Your essay should be 4-5 pages (1333-1667 words) long, not including your Works Cited page, and
should meet the format specifications listed on page three of the syllabus.
The basic format of your essay might look like this:
Introduction – ½ page
Counter Argument – ½ page
Reason #1 – ¾ page
Reason #2 – ¾ page
Reason #3 – 1 page
Conclusion – ½ page
Total – 4 pages (not including your Works Cited page)
Here are the topics to choose from:
1) Should US public institutions adopt the use of the singular pronoun “they”?
2) Is online education better for the mental health of college students?
3) Should K-12 students return to in-person learning before the end of the school year?
4) Should the SAT and ACT exams be banned?
5) Should the US adopt a universal basic income?
6) Should employees be allowed to continue working from home in the post-pandemic world? If
you like, you may limit your argument to college faculty and staff.
7) Should funds be diverted from police departments and reallocated to social services and other
forms of community support?
8) Should police officers be required to wear body cameras?
9) Should Congress forgive $10,000 of student debt?
10) Should college tuition be free?
There are a lot of other important issues out there including topics related to the pandemic, social
justice, the environment, and more. I invite you to propose your own topic on an issue that you’re
passionate about as this often leads to a better essay, but you must contact me for approval before
you write on a topic not listed above. When proposing your own topic, please send it to me in the
form of a question with two clear sides. In previous semesters, students who proposed their own
topic were more likely to plagiarize, so please make sure that all writing you submit is your own.

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