The Bleaching of the Great Barrier Reef (In Australia)

It is expected that research be supported with properly referenced statistics, maps, figures and/or graphs and a wide variety of references, most of which should come from academic journals or reports.  You must have at least 6-8 references in your final paper.  You may include your text as a reference but only if you have at least five other references.  Do not reference class notes.  Your final paper should be 2000 words, double-spaced. Use APA referencing style to provide citations for your sources within your paper and also in a Works Cited page at the end of your paper.

 Topic statement for the research paper,

Coral reefs are bleaching in the great barrier reef in Australia and the loses are horrifying. The great barrier reef has lost half of its reefs since 1995 and it is still considered the biggest coral barrier reef in the world(BBC, 2020). The coral reefs are important for the survival of our planet (Wooldridge, 2020). The bleaching need to be stopped and corals need to be revived in order for a recovery to take place. (Razak. At al, 2020).


BBC. (2020, October 14). Great barrier Reef has lost half of Its Corals since 1995.’s%20Great%20Barrier%20Reef%20has,events%20in%202016%20and%202017.

Razak, T. B., Roff, G., Lough, J. M., & Mumby, P. J. (2020). Growth responses of branching versus massive corals to ocean warming on the Great Barrier Reef, Australia. Science of the Total Environment, 705.

Wooldridge, S. A. (2020). Excess seawater nutrients, enlarged algal symbiont densities and bleaching sensitive reef locations: 1. Identifying thresholds of concern for the Great Barrier Reef, Australia. Marine Pollution Bulletin, 152.

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