Topic 1: safety and danger at 124 Bluestone Road

Topic 1: safety and danger at 124 Bluestone Road.
Reread the following passages of Morrison’s Beloved: 1. chapter 9, paragraph 3, which begins
“Before 124 and everybody in it had closed down . . .” (101-2 Morrison 2004); 2. chapter 19,
paragraph 11, which begins “When Stamp Paid was trying to make up his mind to visit
124 . . .” (203-4 Morrison 2004.); 3. chapter 16, the first eight paragraphs (174-177 Morrison
2004), which begins “When the four horsemen came . . .” 4. chapter 19, four paragraphs before
the third space break in the chapter to the third space break, beginning with “And him. Eighteen
seventy-four . . .” to “What a roaring” (212-13 Morrison 2004); 5. chapter 19, four paragraphs
before the end, which begins, “The day Stamp Paid saw the two backs” and ends at the end of
chapter 19 (234-5 Morrison 2004).
In order for the house at 124 Bluestone Road in Morrison’s Beloved to remain safe, what does it
need to be closed against? What does it need to be open to, and why?
In the process of responding to the general questions, answer at least two of the following
subquestions: When Schoolteacher enters the yard to try to take Sethe and her children back to
Sweet Home, events are suddenly described from his point-of-view. What problems does this
shift in perspective pose and how is it related to danger? Once Sethe closes herself and her
daughters inside the house, where Beloved turns on Sethe and tries to strangle her, Stamp Paid
hears loud voices coming from inside the house and decides they must be the voices of all the
angry, dead slaves and former slaves. Given that Sethe killed her daughter out of love, why is she
the target of such strong revenge? Why do you think the community of women succeeds in
exorcizing the ghost at the end of the novel, whereas, earlier, Paul D. did not?

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