Topic 3. slavery and Black masculinity in Beloved

Reread the following passages that concern both Paul D. Stamp Paid: 1. chapter 7, beginning 5-6
pages in with “’He couldn’t get out of the loft’” (68 Morrison 2004) to the end of the chapter; 2.
chapter 13, paragraphs 1 and 2 and the first seven sentences of paragraph 3, beginning with “The
last of the Sweet Home men . . .” and ending with “Now he wondered.” (147-8 Morrison 2004);

  1. chapter 24, beginning a little past the sixth paragraph, with “Well, that’s the way it was” and
    ending with ”Did a whiteman saying it make it so?” (259-60 Morrison 2004); 4. chapter 9
    paragraphs 21-34, beginning with “Amy was gone” and ending with “go on ‘way somewhere
    and don’t come back’” (105-107 Morrison 2004); 5. chapter 19, the sixth paragraph after the
    fourth space break in the chapter, beginning with, “After a disagreeable breakfast . . .” and
    ending with “and she was pulling on the hinge” (217-8 Morrison 2004); 6. chapter 25, a
    paragraph that begins around four pages into the chapter, beginning with “’Let me tell you how I
    got my name’. . and ending a few lines after the paragraph, with “’No. She died’” (274-5
    Morrison 2004).
    How does Stamp Paid’s decision to change his name and to act according to the name he took
    reconstruct masculinity in Beloved?
    To address the general question above, answer the following subquestions:
    What actions of the slaves on Sweet Home comprised their manhood when Mr. Garner was
    alive? What is troubling about the terms of their manhood under Garner? What aspects of
    slavery in the experience and Halle, Paul D, and Stamp Paid undermined their masculinity?
    What aspects of masculinity or manhood does Stamp Paid keep? In what key ways does he
    redefine masculinity?
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