Excavation of Retention Pond

Construction Estimate: Phase 1

Input quantity, hrs/units, sub wh (if necessary), self-perform rate ($/hr), material cost ($/UoM) and sub cost (if necessary) into the final excel sheet.

Phase 1

  • Excavation of Retention Pond
  • Excavation/Backfill for Concrete Structures
  • Installation of Steel Structures

General Information

  • Figure V:2-14. Type B Soil Simple Slope Excavation
Figure V:2-16. Type B Soil over Type A Soil

The Geotechnical report provided by the Company has stated that the type of soil on the site is “Amarillo-Acuff”, a moderately permeable soil, with brown to reddish-brown loams and sandy loams on top. As you continue digging, 3’ beneath the surface is caliche type soil. Caliche soil is considered Type A soil, while sandy loam is considered Type B soil. Either of the following excavation parameters (Figure 1 or Figure 2) can be utilized.

  • Per specification, a soil compaction test to measure density and moisture content is required after every 1’ lift.
  • Assume Existing Grade is 4026’ for the Retention Pond
  • For mechanical equipment and structural excavation, assume you excavate from what is identified as GRADE on the drawing.
  • For mechanical equipment and structural excavation, excavate at least 4’ from concrete forms when forming up for access
  • Rebar Installation is based upon the amount of hours anticipated to be spent fabricating forms. For every manhour spent fabricating and installing forms, rebar will be purchased and installed by a subcontractor at $37.60 MH. For example, if your “Fab Forms” codes equal 200 manhours to complete the work, the rebar subcontractor will charge $7,520 ($37.60 * 200). This number will be used for all rebar for this project.
  • The structural steel on this project will be mainly utilized as a pipe rack (stick-built) for carrying pipe and some electrical cable tray
  • Pricing for materials to be given in a separate sheet, except for the following:
    • W14x109 – $0.82/ton
    • W21x68 – $0.75/ton
    • W14x43 – $0.98/ton
  • For this project, structural steel will not be broken out into light, medium, or heavy, but will only be referred to as pipe rack steel.
  • The pipe rack plan and elevation views are typical across the entire pipe rack. Use the elevation views to determine how many grid lines there will be. If the pipe rack is 100’ long, there will be a grid line from 1 to Grid Line 5, spaced at 30’ apart and 28’ across. If a distance splits a pipe rack, round up if over 0.50 and truncate if less than 0.50.

Manhour Details

DescriptionUnit of Measure (UoM)Mhrs/UoM
Geosynthetic/Separator FabricSY1.00
Haul SpoilsCY0.06
Fab Forms – FootingsSF0.15
Fab Forms – PedestalsSF0.15
Erect/Strip – FootingsSF0.25
Erect/Strip – PedestalsSF0.25
Pour/Form/Cure – FootingsCY0.87
Pour/Form/Cure – PedestalsCY1.15
Anchor Bolts – Pre-Place EmbedmentEA2.05
Anchor Bolts – Drill & EpoxyEA0.96
Rebar Installation (Subcontractor)MH$37.60
Grout (Under Structural Steel and Mechanical Equipment)CF4.00
Pipe Rack SteelTN28.00
Misc SteelEA0.15
Grating/Floor PlateLF0.15
Equipment PlatformsLF2.75
Structural Steel – Surface Prep & PaintSF1.00
Equipment – Surface Prep & PaintSF1.00


  • Excavation/Backfill Stormwater Pond
  • Excavation/Backfill Concrete Structures
  • Soil/Compaction Testing
  • Rock Rip-Rap
  • Geotextile
  • Fabrication and Installation of Forms for Concrete Structures
  • Erect and Strip of Forms for Concrete Structures
  • Pour, Form, Cure of Concrete Structures
  • Installation of Anchor Bolts
  • Structural Steel Structure (Pipe Rack Steel)
  • Grating/Floor Plate

Optional Inclusions (Extra Credit)

  • Haul and Dispose of Spoils
  • Temporary Erosion Control
  • Grout
  • Transformer Foundation
  • Misc Steel (Toeboards, etc)
  • Equipment Platforms
  • Ladders/Cages
  • Galvanizing


  • Demolition
  • Storm Drainage (Culverts) – Drainage installed by others
  • Rough Grade, Clear & Grub – Performed by others
  • Environmental Work – Performed by others
  • Piling – Performed by others
  • Dewatering – Ground water level is low enough it does not impact project
  • Road/Railroads and Accessories
  • Surface Prep
  • Modular Steel
  • Coating/Painting
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