A Hole In A Pipeline

A Hole in A pipeline

SWOT Analysis


  • Strong attitudes of employees
  • Top talented employees
  • Excellent customer service 
  • Powerful brand presence 
  • Large client database 
  • Large market shares in auditing and consulting
  • Highly ranked business 
  • CEO supported change initiatives


  • Lack of proper market development 
  • Inability to retain women employee
    • Large controversies 
  • Poor culture for women (“boys club”)
  • Lack of top management involvement 
  • High competition from local firms 
  • Limited services for clients 
  • Lack of quantitative goals 
  • Lack of work-life balance


  • Alliance with new and smaller consulting firms 
  • Creating friendlier/flexible environment for all employees
  • Accommodating to employee lifestyles
  • CEO supporting change initiative 
  • Controlling finances


  • Tough competition
  • Damaging brand reputation (bad word of mouth)
  • Upper management doesn’t support change initiatives 
  • More security threats
  • Legal issues and lawsuits harming the hiring processes of women
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