Career Growth

Assignment Instructions:
Each assignment paper should be at least 400 words. Papers less than the required 400 words will get zero. 

For this assignment, make sure to write in an essay format with complete sentences. The submission should be in paragraph form with clear topic sentences and all items from the questions addressed.

Career Growth

Choose one SPECIFIC company or organization in hospitality or business industry.

  1. In the “Hotel Paris” case study, it states “Most hotel jobs are inherently “dead end” job. For example, in a hotel this might be a guest room attendant or a laundry attendant that either has no great aspirations to move up or are just using the job temporarily, for instance, to help out with household expenses.” Do you agree with this statement? Why or why not?
  2. Pick a company in hospitality or business industry and identify a position in that company that some might consider to be a “dead end job”  (this should be no more than three sentences)
  3. Using what you learned in this chapter, List and describe three different and specific career activities you would recommend for the company you selected to implement for employees in those “dead end” jobs.  Be sure to include specific details that would apply to this organization.
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