Create a PowerPoint presentation for the Sun Coast Remediation research project

Create a PowerPoint presentation for the Sun Coast Remediation research project to communicate the findings and suggest recommendations. Please use the following format:

Slide 1: Include a title slide.

Slide 2: Organize the agenda.

Slide 3: Introduce the project.

a. Statement of the Problems

b. Research Objectives

Slide 4: Describe information gathered from the literature review.

Slide 5: Include research methodology, design, and methods.

c. Research Methodology

d. Research Design

e. Research Methods

f. Data collection

Slide 6: Include research questions and hypotheses

Slides 7 and 8: Explain your data analysis.

Slides 9 and 10: Explain your findings.

Slide 11: Explain recommendations including an explanation of how research-based decision-making can directly affect organizational practices.

Slide 12 and 13: Reflect on your experience throughout the course. Provide some of the things you learned and some of the course’s takeaways that you can apply to your current or future job.

Slide 14: Include references for your sources.

Your PowerPoint must be a minimum of fifteen slides in length (including the title slide and a reference slide).

You are required to narrate your presentation. Utilize the note section to write out your transcript per slide. Ensure the presentation you create is your own authentic work. Ensure that you follow APA guidelines and cite any resources you use.

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