Draw a  Sequence Diagram  for use case “Instructor’s Search for Project Activities”

Question 1 (5 points)

Consider the following description in answering all questions in this exam:

Suppose that you develop with a team (let us call it Team T) a new separate and independent Project Management System for CSCI 359. The instructor and the students of 359 will be the user of this system. You and your development team (Team T) are not students; you are permanent employees of a software company. Through this system the instructor (let us call it R) will create projects; assign a title and a team of students to each project, see list of all projects. Let S be a project from a list of all projects in CSCI 359. R can monitor all activities in S. R assigns a Project Leader who assigns tasks to project members and monitors their progress. Student-members of Project S post all their work in the Project Management System for their project. R inquires about the status of the project S; see all communication among project members in S; see the created documents (e.g. diagrams, source codes); see who updated and when each document. R can also schedule meetings with the entire project team for S. Students of 359 can only login the system for their assigned project. For example, team-members of S login for Project S. They can schedule events and meetings; communicate with each other via text or video; collaborate in developing all documents, source codes; integrating and testing the developed system. For communication, external systems (e.g. SKYPE, ZOOM) can be used; but communication material (e.g. text, video) should be recorded with time-stamps, and involved members (so that they can be searched by using member names, for example). All other activities of members (e.g. programming, testing, learning, and document preparation) of Project S are recorded. Instructor R logs in the system; chooses a project, and perform search and see all project-activities by the entire team (e.g. meetings) and by each member (e.g. developed diagrams, source codes). 

Let “Instructor’s Search for Project Activities” be a use case that refers to the activities described in the last sentence in the above project description.

Suppose for this question that you use the Traditional Approach for the development of this system. Draw a  Data Flow Fragment  for the sub-processes involved in use case “Instructor’s Search for Project Activities”. Include at least two sub-processes and one data store, and at least one agent (user) that interacts with this process.

Question 2 (5 points)

Suppose that you use the Object Oriented Approach for the development of the entire system. Draw a part of the  Domain Class Diagram . Include at least three classes in your diagram.

Question 3 (5 points)

In Questions 3,4, suppose that you use the Object Oriented Approach.

Draw an  Activity Diagram  for use case “Instructor’s Search for Project Activities”.

Question 4 (5 points)

Draw a  Sequence Diagram  for use case “Instructor’s Search for Project Activities”.

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