Guide for Speaker Evaluation from Videos

Guide for Speaker Evaluation from Videos

Evaluations of 3 Online Speakers

For each of the 3 speakers, you will need to complete the following information to help you “coach” this speaker.

  1. Link to video
  2. Date presented; title of the speech; and length of the speech.
  3. Name of the speaker/position/qualifications/background
  4. Occasion: When and where was the speech presented?
  5. Purpose: What was the speaker’s intended goal for his or her speech?
  6. Thesis: What did the speaker assert that was his or her position on the topic?
  7. Introduction: (How did the speaker quickly gain audience interest, establish a positive ethos, offer a preview, and a transition to the body of the presentation?)  What nonverbal behaviors supported the content in the introduction?
  8. Organization: (What organizational pattern did the speaker use?) What were the key points/main ideas?
  9. Support Material: Did you find examples of visual metaphors, transitions, memorable keyword acronyms, numbering, statistics, or examples?
  10. Support Material: Use of personal stories or stories about others.  Effective or not?
  11. Verbal Expressiveness: Was vocal delivery appropriately energetic, enthusiastic, and engaging?  Were there distractors—hesitation, monotone, or vocal fillers?
  12. Nonverbal Expressiveness: What about eye contact, facial expression, gesture, posture, and body movement?  Effective or distracting?
  13. Your takeaway from the speech?  What did you learn from evaluating this speaker that will help you to improve your own speaking?



A Speaker’s Guidebook 7th Edition
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