How Humor Affects Mental Health

Changes Over Time

For this essay, you must write about significant change in your narrowed topic within the scope of mental health and humor. You may even explore what the future may hold for your topic. Your argument must be well reasoned and evidence based. Most importantly, your essay must discuss the significance of the changes within your topic and must be based on your research. You could also focus on a pivotal moment that changed the game for your topic. For example, if my narrowed topic is about how political satire affects the mental stability of conspiracy theorists, I could write about the evolution of conspiracy theory (and its targets throughout the years) or the moment political satire began to move those groups to aggressive actions and what implication it has for political satire, society, or any other meaningful area. Focus on researching the history of your topic and using that information to strengthen  your argument. You must reference each of the sources you use within the body of your essay, whether by quote or paraphrase.

Dates & Other Info

February 10: Peer review exchange by 12:00 noon.

February 11: Completed peer review to be returned by 12:00 noon. Peer review summary due on Moodle by 11:59pm.

March 17: Essay due on Moodle by 11:59pm. All copies of source material are due via assignment tab on the class Moodle page.

Essay Requirements

  • Minimum Three FULL pages
  • 12-point Times New Roman font, double-spaced with page numbers
  • MLA style header and works cited (doesn’t need annotations)
  • Minimum THREE to FIVE total sources, must include the following:
    • TWO scholarly secondary source, from an academic journal
    • ONE primary creative source
    • ONE to TWO reliable sources (other than creative) of your choice

Bonus Points

I will award 5 bonus points for submitting your essay for an online tutoring session with the Write to Excellence Center ( prior to your submission. Since you are required to submit a hard copy, please submit the one that the tutors have marked up. Without this, I will not be able to award the bonus points.

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