Requires To Use Dunning’s Eclectic Paradigm With Reference To Ownership, Location, And Internalization (OLI) To Critically Assess The Issues

The assignment requires to use Dunning’s eclectic paradigm with reference to ownership, location, and internalization (OLI) to critically assess the issues: 1. Case (1) How a chosen multinational of a developed economy manages FDI in a clearly identified emerging market (for example, VW in Russia or China; Walmart in Mexico or India); or (2) How an emerging market MNC deals with FDI in another emerging market (Foxconn in China or India). Please select ONE company from the list below: 1. Volkswagen (Germany) 2. Walmart (US) 3. Foxconn (Taiwan) 2. Format (a) The Assignment is an academic essay not a REPORT. We expect students to apply Dunning’s eclectic paradigm to a case organisation. (b) The assignment should use data (charts, tables or diagrams) to support analysis. (c) The word count is [2000 (-/+10%)] and excludes references. Diagrams and figures would be counted as 10 words. (d) References should be tween 10-15 articles and books. (e) In marking the script we shall pay particular attention to the following five criteria (listed in order of importance. 1. Extent to which the question has been answered: to include, the scope of the answer (depth and breadth)? Was the question answered in sufficient detail (within) the limits of the word count? 2. Quality of the argument, literature review, and reasoning involved: were there argument, literature review, and evaluation, or at the other end of the scale just the presentation of information? 3. Use and manipulation of a theory and data. (All being of particular importance in the assignment). 4. Style, to include clarity of expression, organization and structure. 5. Presentation, to include all aspects of referencing, citation, bibliography, and layout (and other aspects identified in the assessment rubric). (e) Students who rely extensively on websites, and more importantly, on materials from websites such as, Investopedia, Wikipedia, etc. to develop their essays would be penalised! 3. Structure The basic structure of the assignment is as follows, 1. A short intro with a clear argument or statement 2. A summary of Dunning’s paradigm and a critique identifying key problems inherent in OLI 3. Ownership 4. Location 5. Internalization 6. A conclusion  

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