Sending Email Inquiries to Funders

Sending Email Inquiries to Funders

Many funders offer grant seekers the option of contacting them via email with questions and funding inquiries. Some grant makers even provide direct email access to their program officers from their websites; others may have an “info@” email that is routed to the appropriate staff person after review. In either case, email is a valuable tool for stimulating further, more meaningful, contact because it provides an opportunity for a brief introduction of a staff person, the organization represented, and the program needing funding. At the same time, it gives program officers the time they need to review the information and potentially respond. The key is to keep it brief ! Resist the urge to write a mini-proposal in the email. In the email, grant seekers can also request an in-person meeting or time for a phone conversation, which then provides the funder with options for responding to the communication.

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