Sound And Television

This assignment asks you to summarize, analyze and compare ONE of the readings 

from Week 7 – Sound & Television with ONE OTHER SCHOLARLY SOURCE you 

will find on your own. The summaries should encapsulate the author’s main 

arguments and illustrative examples, the analysis should provide a cogent 

assessment of these arguments, and most importantly the comparison should 

examine how their ideas or arguments of the two readings relate to and connect 

with each other in light of class discussions.

The reading of your choice should be directly relevant to the week’s topic and 

should illuminate one of the key points you are making about the summarized and 

analyzed course readings. This source MUST be a scholarly journal article sourced 

from the University of Toronto’s E-Resource collection. Therefore, sources that are 

NOT acceptable include articles from news magazines, trade journals, chapters 

from popular books, or articles sourced from academic web databases such as 

Researchgate or Please note that the appropriateness, quality and 

relevance of your chosen source will be a factor in the grading of this assignment.

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