Analysis Essay on the film GATTACA

Project: Analysis Essay on the film GATTACA
One large project that will be completed in this class is an essay on the GATTACA movie. This
is an argumentative essay on your stance on if genetic engineering is better for the future
of civilization or not. THERE IS NO WRONG STANCE! I am looking at your reasoning and
choices of evidence in your essay.
Please follow the attached rubric on how you will be assessed. You will be graded exactly how it
is described on each row of the rubric. Write paragraphs answering each question in the
attached document.
NOTE: I will be using the “originality reports” option on this assignment. That means it can
detect if any plagiarism is being used on your paper. Please remember that you can use
information from reputable outside sources, as long as they are cited properly in MLA citation
and help improve your paper’s argument. I should not see entire paragraphs of your essay
copied and pasted from somewhere online, otherwise you will receive a zero.
Take advantage of Office hours and send me an email with any questions and I will get back to
Paragraph #1: Introduction (Include your stance on whether genetic engineering is better for the
future or not.
Paragraph #2: Reasoning on why human genetic engineering should or not take place in society
Paragraph #3: Evidence for your reasoning (what occurs in the film to back up your claims?)
Paragraph #4: If our society utilized biotechnology in the film, describe the impact on society
Paragraph #5: Conclusion

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