Look at 2 examples of bad ads and good ads, and use the provided template for filling

– “For each social media use (“win” and “fail”), you have to include 1) description, 2) on values, uniqueness, and language 3) evidence, for example a) articles and b) user-generated content (or whatever works for your social media uses, maybe you have other screenshots, tweets, other types of “evidence” – this is open. Articles and screenshots or some public reactions to the campaign are nice pieces of evidence).”

– “For the social media fail, you would add 4) reimagination (where you do just that). Have a look at the assignment guidelines and the presentations this week to inspire and guide you. If you have any questions, please get in touch.”

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Discussion Forum: Course Reflection

ILOs Understand the general nature, purposes, and techniques of literature with a sense of its relationship to life and culture. Recognize a representative selection of literary works by major writers….

The Value Of The Humanities

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Assignment: Designing a Plan for Outcome Evaluation

SOCW 6311 wk 10 Assignment: Designing a Plan for Outcome Evaluation Social workers can apply knowledge and skills learned from conducting one type of evaluation to others. Moreover, evaluations themselves can….