The Cultural Connection of Superstitions

Research information about the superstition you have chosen (Knock on Wood). You must include at least one resource for your chosen superstition and document it.

This assignment should be approximately one page in length. Please avoid formatting any of the writing assignments this term in a question and answer format. The document must be submitted in APA format.

In your paper, address the following about The Cultural Connection of Superstitions of Knocking on Wood:

• What is the superstition you have chosen? Explain the supernatural causality.

• How did you hear of it? Is it something practiced in your culture or another culture?

• Research a similar superstition in other cultures. For example, if you have chosen “Dream of a Fish,” what other cultures have superstitions involving fish? Be specific about your findings, and be sure to compare and contrast them.

• Based on what you learned in Week 1 about culture (cultural transmission, cultural appreciation, etc.) why might there be similarities in your chosen superstition in different cultures around the world?

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