What are environmental justice and environmental racism? What are the moral issues involved, and what, if anything, should be done about it?

For this assignment, your goal is to think through and give a detailed critical analysis of an ethical
problem raised in this course. To do so, you will have to
(1) Select and present the problem, explaining why it matters and why we should care about it
(2) Compare and contrast at least two competing views of the problem
a. Identify each author’s main claim
b. Identify and explain the arguments they use to support that claim (what are their
c. Present one or more objections to their supporting arguments (remember: object to
the premises, not just the conclusions) and explain how this potential objection would
undermine the author’s main claim.
d. Consider the author’s possible avenues of response to your objection.

(3) Take a stance and explain which position you think is best and why—or, if neither, why not
(if you can think of a better alternative, present it).
This is a limited research paper. You must cite a minimum of four articles on the syllabus or
three and one external source. You may cite as many articles on the syllabus as you like, but you may
not cite more than one external source. Do not ask Google. Do not consult Wikipedia. I care
about how you understand the reading and what you think, not what the internet has to say!

Length: ~2000 (excluding list of works cited)
 Justify your text; do NOT leave it left-aligned! (See this handout for an example: notice how
the text all ends at the same place on the right, except when a paragraph ends? That’s what I
want! If you don’t know how to do it, ask Google.)
 The paper should be double-spaced. It can be single- or double-sided.
 Include a list of works cited. Any style will do (e.g. MLA, Chicago, APA, other APA, etc.), as
long as you’re using one. Citations should enable the reader to trace a claim or quote back to
its exact location in the text, or at least as close as possible. That means page numbers.
 Give your paper a title. Put it in bold, and centre it.

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