AMR and antimicrobial use in Greece, a One Health Perspective

Title/Topic: AMR and antimicrobial use in Greece, a One Health Perspective

  1. The purpose of the paper is to examine the antibiotic use in relation to AMR from the One Health Perspective in Greece as well as identifying the gaps in reducing AMR.
  2. Thesis statement: An exploration of how antibiotic consumption contributes to AMR in Greece through the One Health lens.
  3. Research question: How does antibiotic consumption drive AMR in Greece?


– human consumption

– use in food-growing

– pants/animals/fisheries

– what are the standards of Europe regarding AMR and the general goals in European level?

– which are the policies for eliminating the major problem of AMR in Greece?

  • Audience: healthcare professionals & students, knowledgeable/educated individuals of scientific community
  • Important points of the paper:
  • Introduction: background information regarding antibiotic use and AMR in Europe and the knock-on effect of AMR, the reasons why Greece has one of the highest rates of AMR in Europe-the baseline situation in Greece in relation to the standards of Europe, mentioning of other industries such animals, fisheries, plant crops
  •  The impact of human antibiotic consumption on AMR in Greece, followed by the impact of the other industries (how they contribute to the development of AMR and why we present such patterns), followed by the actions and policies to tackle the problem in a European level (One Heath Approach) and finally the monitoring and surveillance of such measures
  • Describing the main issue/problem and indicating the gaps and issues/challenges that Greece is still facing in order to eliminate the problem of AMR, general critiques, recommendations for the future
  • Headings:
  • Antimicrobial use in relation to AMR in Europe-the general situation and the importance of reducing the rates
  • The impact of human antimicrobial consumption (overuse and misuse) on AMR in Greece
  • The impact of other industries, such as animals/fisheries/plants/food on AMR in Greece
  • One Health Perspective; health policies, measures and actions for eliminating the incidence of AMR (in a European level)
  • Monitoring: data collection and analysis and infection control/surveillance
  • Challenges and gaps in Greece
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