Analytical Paper 3: Zulfia Zaher and Social Media

Analytical Paper 3: Zulfia Zaher and Social Media

Zulfia Zaher gave a presentation on social media and advertising. She touched on topics like fake news, hate speech, shootings, news consumption on social media, search engines, and confirmation bias. I want to talk about fake news because it is a very important topic for this generation. Fake news blew up after the 2016 US Presidential Election. It seemed like Donald Trump was accusing major news networks of reporting fake news at every debate. Most people still don’t have an idea about what fake news really is.

Fake news is anything that is intentionally a false report. Some more detailed definitions include: Distorted signals uncoordinated with the truth and A fictitious report relating to current events which is fabricated, and often times misleadingly, with the deliberate purpose of deceiving users and motivating them disseminate the report. These definitions are key to understanding what fake news is and how to spot it. Fake news stories even use legit sounding styles and have a journalistic style.

Fake news has been around since before the printing press. Some authors say that fake news is a new version of folk lore or fairy tales. It is important to remember that fake news is different from hoaxes, pranks, and satires. They difference is fake news has to be intentionally misleading the audience and try to purposely deceive them.

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