Define opinion evidence, expert witness, and nonexpert witness

Define opinion evidence, expert witness, and nonexpert witness.

When an expert gives an opinion regarding handwriting, must the expert state that he or she is positive that the samples are identical? Does requiring a suspect to give a handwriting specimen violate the Fifth Amendment?

Define hearsay under the Federal Rules of Evidence. Define the following terms as they are used in relation to the admission of hearsay evidence: statement and declarant. Under the Federal Rules of Evidence, what statements are specifically listed as “statements which are not hearsay?”

What reasons are advanced as to why hearsay evidence should not be admitted? What is the rationale for allowing some hearsay evidence to be admitted as exceptions to the hearsay rule?

What is a dying declaration? Must a declarant actually state that he or she is aware of imminent death before the statement is admissible? In what types of cases is a dying declaration admissible?

Explain the business records exception to the hearsay rule. What is the rationale for the exception?

Paragraph for each question

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