E-portfolio Assignment

ePortfolio – Assignment Description

Length: each online page of your ePortfolio should be ~250-400 words.

The ePortfolio assignment brings together all of the assignments completed throughout the term. Your ePortfolio is intended to be a creative place for you to share and reflect upon your own goals, strategies, and progress in the context of your university learning. You must share and submit the final ePortfolio link to the instructor via Blackboard by the assignment due date.

You are encouraged to be creative and include extra pieces (e.g., pictures, etc.) in your portfolio that suit your goals and needs, but at a minimum, your portfolio must have the following parts:

Note: with the exception of the ‘about me’ page, each of the following parts (2-4 inclusive, below) must have a 250-400 word explanation of what you learned in the learning process for each piece and why you plan to use (or not use) what you have learned in your future university education, as well as a brief description of the product of your learning, including how you have created and updated in your artifacts (i.e., a section of a previous assignment, etc.). You should also include a sample revision (e.g., revised paragraph, citations, etc.) for the learning plan, showing how you have improved it based on feedback.

1) About Me.

The ‘about me’ section of your portfolio provides an introduction to who you are and why you are taking this course or program at Mount Royal University. This is a chance to introduce your university story. It might include a brief description of your interests and values, or a picture of you.

2) Learning Plan.

This is a place to discuss your learning plan. The initial plan is the document submitted to the instructor earlier in the term via Blackboard, whereas in the ePortfolio you will provide a revised excerpt (e.g., one or two highlighted and updated paragraphs) that incorporates and addresses feedback and suggestions provided, as well as any new learnings from the course that improve your overall plan. Be sure to clearly highlight your changes from the original to the revised excerpt and discuss what you changed and how/why.

3) Guest Speakers.

This is a place to discuss your responses to our guest speakers this semester. I would like you to do two things in this section of your portfolio.  First, discuss one of the responses you submitted.  Here I want you to highlight 2 points of learning from your response and provide further and deeper reflection on these points of learning given your learning throughout the semester.  Don’t just tell me what you said in your response, push yourself to further reflect on what was said by our guest speaker and how it impacted your thinking and learning as you consider how you have grown this semester. Second, choose 1 guest speaker that you did not submit a response to, and offer some reflection on what you learned from their talk and connect this to your course learning (from any course you are taking) this semester.

4) Workshops (student learning services and wellness services or career planning)

Here you will discuss the 2 workshops you attended.  I would like you to offer some reflective self-evaluation of what you learned during these workshops.  Be sure to address the following:

  • Reflect on your learning from the Student Learning Services workshop?
  • Reflect on your learning from the Wellness Services or Career Planning workshop?
  • How did you integrate or implement (or not) you are learning from these workshops into your work/life/studies? Discuss a plan or strategy you would like to use to continue your learning and growing in these areas.

Grading Criteria for ePortfolio (20 Marks)

The following criteria will be used to assess your ePortfolio:

  • Clear and appropriate writing style, including proper use of grammar, citation of sources, etc. (3 marks)
  • Effectively addresses the questions posed in the assignment description in ways that show reflection and self-development (8 marks)
  • Clear links between personal experience and course themes and topics, including effective integration and support of ideas from course materials, such as readings and in-class lectures and activities, to support and illustrate items in your portfolio (9 marks).
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