Legal Dimensions of Teacher Improvement Plans

EDL 5700 – Ethics and School Law for School Administrators

Focus: LEGAL

Assignment #5: Legal Dimensions of Teacher Improvement Plans

PSEL Standard 2: ETHICS and PROFESSIONAL NORMSEffective educational leaders act ethically and according to professional norms to promote each student’s academic success and well-being.Effective leaders:a) Act ethically and professionally in personal conduct, relationships with others, decision-making, stewardship of the school’s resources, and all aspects of school leadership.b) Act according to and promote the professional norms of integrity, fairness, transparency, trust, collaboration, perseverance, learning, and continuous improvement.c) Place children at the center of education and accept responsibility for each student’s academic success and well-being.d) Safeguard and promote the values of democracy, individual freedom and responsibility, equity, social justice, community, and diversity.e) Lead with interpersonal and communication skill, social-emotional insight, and understanding of all students’ and staff members’ backgrounds and cultures.f) Provide moral direction for the school and promote ethical and professional behavior among faculty and staff.

Background Scenario:


Position: Testing Coordinator

School Leader: Concerned Charles

Implementation Period: Use a 4- week period of time

This plan is scheduled to be completed on (insert date) ____________, in order that all policies, procedures, and protocols are followed and adhered to. This is an effort to provide quality leadership and develop/strengthen deficient leadership dimensions as a Testing Coordinator.

Background: Struggling Sally was hired as a teacher to teach mathematics at Performance Academy in WhoDat Parish. Due to newly discovered certification compliancy issues, she was re-assigned as the Testing Coordinator for Performance Academy. Since being re-assigned as the Testing Coordinator, there have been multiple concerns with meeting timelines/deadlines, completing tasks, excessive use of profanity in multiple settings, suspension of drinking alcohol out of a Yeti, and poor attitude and judgment.

As a result, the administrative decision is to place Struggling Sally on a 30-day Performance Improvement Plan and formal Administrative Counseling. Administrative Team Members include: 

Concerned Charles, Thorough Tom, Meddling Marsha, Fun Francis, Gotcha Gus, Lazy Louise

The following observations have been documented regarding the employee’s conduct and job roles/responsibilities.

· Struggling Sally sends inappropriate email responses to co-workers and supervisors

· Struggling Sally does not follow through with task/assignments with full completion

· Struggling Sally arrives to work late and leaves at 3:00 pm

· Struggling Sally does not follow instructions to tasks as written

· Struggling Sally does not follow proper leave/absence procedures

· Struggling Sally is suspected of drinking a red substance out of personalized Yeti cup

· Struggling Sally frequently uses expletives in front staff members and students

TO DO: Use the template below and create a Professional Growth Plan that will legally facilitate the proper due process regarding Struggling Sally’s situation based on your Campus and/or District Protocol. Please complete with full and substantive details.


School Year 20 ____ – ____

School Parish: Campus:

Teacher: Assignment/Grade:

1. List area(s) related to the job description, evaluation instrument and/or campus/district policy in which professional growth is needed. Establish priorities if two or more areas are listed.

2. Specify growth activities and dates for completion.

3. Specify evidence that will be used to determine whether professional growth activities have been completed.

4. Specify evidence that will be used to determine whether growth has occurred or is occurring.

My appraiser(s) and I have developed this Professional Growth Plan.

Teacher Signature Date

Supervisor Signature Date

Other Appraiser Signature Date

(if applicable)

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