Legal, ethical, social responsibility, and/or sustainability

For this Case Study Assignment, which is a sole effort, I want you to go to the supplemental case study site for the course, which is at: You may have to copy over the link to your browser.

Then choose a case study from the list (your choice but try to avoid picking a case that another student has done), read the case, and next briefly answer the discussion questions at the end of the case (by means of a couple (2 or 3) of good “solid” paragraphs per question, or more if you like), and finally briefly reply (one paragraph or more if you like) to another student’s case study posting, stating whether your agree or disagree with the student’s conclusions and why (and remember that you can disagree without being disagreeable). Remember to justify any conclusions by making reference to principles – legal, ethical, social responsibility, and/or sustainability.

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