Persuasive Speech Communication

Speech Preparation Checklist

Specific Purpose

· Is the specific purpose clearly defined?

· Does the specific purpose include a reference to the audience?

· Can the specific purpose be accomplished in the allotted time?


· Do I gain attention and interest of this particular audience using one of the strategies referenced in class?

· Do I establish credibility early on in the speech?

· Do I define key terms?

Preview Statement

· Do I clearly preview the main points?

Main Points

· Does the body contain between 2-5 main points?

· Am I following an organizational pattern for speech preparation? (ie: chronological, spatial, causal, topical, etc.)

· Are my main points clearly separate from one another?

· As much as possible, have I used the same pattern of wording for all of my main points?

· Is each main point well supported?

· Do I use transitions well?


· Does my conclusion summarize my main points?

· Is there a sense of closure?


· Do I use examples to make ideas clear? Are they vivid?

· Do I use examples to personalize ideas for the audience?

· Do I reinforce my hypothetical illustrations with statistics or testimony?

· Do I use statistics to quantify my ideas? Are they used in context? Are they from reliable sources? Do I relate them to the audience?

· Do I use testimony to support my ideas? Are they from qualified sources?

· Do I identify sources of my evidence?

· Have I “tested” my evidence?

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