PHL 318 – Class Presentation Instructions –Spring 2021

PHL 318 – Class Presentation Instructions –Spring 2021

Select the subject you’d like to work on for the presentation. This may include issues related to the material covered during the semester, if there’s something you’d like to expand on, on an independent issue on business ethics of your choosing. It can be an issue (such as insider trading, conflicts of interest, or whatever), a case involving someone in business, a problem encountered in personal experience at work, etc.

This should focus on:

a. Stating the issue clearly: what is the problem, and what are the relevant concepts?

b. Drawing out the implications: how does the problem arise? What are the relevant background facts? Is there a legal issue involved, as well?

c. Your response: does the problem have a solution? End with a statement of the position you’ve collectively taken on the selection, as you have focused on it. What are your reasons?

d. Length of the Presentation: compose the presentation as if it were to take 15 minutes of class time—roughly, 6-8 slides, with a reasonable amount of information in each slide.

Whatever selection you’ve decided to discuss, you may feel free to stray from the specifics of the case to include information you get from other sources. Keep in mind that this is not a “book report”: it is expected that you will do more than just restate what is written in the book. (If you use other sources, be sure to cite those sources.)

Evaluation: here are the criteria according to which your presentation will be evaluated.

Presentation of the details of the selection: 40%

Presentation of the response to the point of the selection: 20%

Clarity of the presentation: 20%

Written component: 20%

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