The Fair Labor Standards Act is a United States labor law of 1938 29 U.S.C § 203

Smith Law Firm, LLP (“Smith”) is a law firm with offices in Phoenix and Flagstaff. Smith wanted to provide mediation services as an additional service to its clients. It hired James Moore Mediation Services, with offices in Phoenix, Flagstaff, Tucson, and Yuma, to perform contract mediation services for Smith clients who requested and needed such services. Smith entered into an independent contractor agreement with James Moore Mediation Services. The contract stated that James Moore is an independent contractor and agreed that his business is an independent contractor of Smith.

After entering into the agreement, James worked mostly on jobs assigned by Smith. Smith charged its clients a flat fee, determined by Smith, per mediation then paid James a percentage of that flat fee as a commission. The flat fee was paid to Smith by its clients. James was paid a percentage of the flat fee per mediation on a monthly basis. James was assigned office space at Smith, and used Smith’s equipment, but James bought and used his own supplies. James was in Smith’s office as needed. This arrangement made it easier for clients to utilize James’s services and be familiar with Smith’s offices. Smith scheduled James’s work and clients. Smith also sat in on some of the client mediations and provided feedback to James regarding his work.

· The Fair Labor Standards Act is a United States labor law of 1938 29 U.S.C § 203.

· The law provides regulations on the minimum wage paid to an employee, child labor standards, record keeping, and overtime pay legibility, therefore, affecting both part-time and full-time employees within the local governments, federal state, and private sector

· minors are not able to legally work under the age of 16

· 16 year old maximum working hour is 3hrs with parent approval.

· FLSA also ensures that workers are protected and covered especially if they are earning annual sales totaling to $500,000 and are involved in federal commerce

· FLSA – the minimum wage to $7.25 per hour. It also directs on the overtime which provides that covered nonexempt workers must be entitled to overtime pay if they work to exceed 40 hours per week at a rate not less than one and one-half times the normal pay rate.7.25 + 3.625 = overtime pay

· AZ tax law and employment has to be included

· Arizona’s current minimum wage is $11.00

· meals and breaks

· Arizona does not have any labor laws requiring an employer to provide a meal period or breaks to employees

· The federal rule does not require an employer to provide either a meal (lunch) period or breaks.

· breaks, usually of the type lasting less than 20 minutes, must be paid.

· Meal or lunch periods (usually 30 minutes or more) do not need to be paid

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