U.S.-Taliban talks or Taliban-Afghan government

1 > U.S.-Taliban talks or Taliban-Afghan government
2 > Syrian peace talks
3 > Libyan peace agreement
4 > Yemeni negotiations (if any)
5 > U.S.-China trade talks
6 > U.S.-North Korea talks
7 > UK and U.S. Trade talks
8 > Conflict in Ethiopia between the government and the region of Tigray/Tigray Rebels
9 > Great Renaissance Dam Project > Sudan/Egypt/Ethiopia
10 > Issue with Myanmar coup d’état > Any movement toward talks??
11 > Ukraine vs. Russia (Talks?)
12 > Republic of Ireland-British talks over border issues between Ireland & N. Ireland

Minimum 5 PGs/Maximum 6 PGs
Reference or Works Cited Page (Use at least 5-6 sources)
If using quotes, use parenthetical citations using formats above or footnotes or endnotes
Font 11 or 12

CRITERIA FOR FINAL ESSAY—What should be included in the essay (report)
I. Heading
Subject: Title of Report/Briefing on Current (include title of topic) Negotiations
Date: Current Date

II. Summary (1-2 paragraphs)
Summarize what is in the report on these negotiations
Why is this an important negotiation?
What key info is contained in the report?
What course of action is recommended (to be discussed in detail at the end of report)

III. Content (explain in detail in 3-4 pages)
Background to these negotiations (history)
Who (key figures/individuals)
Where is this issue located (if geographical)?
What: Current situation > What are the issues?
Where are we now? How did negotiations arrive here?
What are the positions of each party over the issues?
Is there an agreement in place? If so, has it been successful? If not, why not??
No agreement? Why? Stalemate? Why the stalemate? What are the obstacles to the impasse?
Identify key strategies that may have been used based upon ‘breakthrough principles’

IV. Options
Plausible courses of action if there is a stalemate
Pros and cons of each option > Risks/potential opposition that may come from choosing each option
If an agreement is in place, what are the (regional or otherwise) repercussions if held in place? (Good or
bad?) Why?

V. Recommendation (or Conclusion)
What do you want the policymaker to do? Why?
How can your recommendation be properly implemented? 

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