What are some steps your department takes to identify and stop human trafficking in your community?

Chapter Assignment: Read CHAPTER 10.

Chapter 10 discusses law enforcement contact with gangs, victims of human trafficking, the homeless, and the mentally ill, groups representing additional facets of America’s multicultural communities and cities. Discuss the following topics.

Gangs: Identify and describe active gangs in your community (or others) and discuss three strategies a police department could use to curtail each gang’s membership and criminal activity.

Homelessness: Compile a list of the homelessness conditions and causes in the law enforcement jurisdiction that you work or live in. What steps could you take (individually and collectively with others) to help homeless people in your community?

Improving Police Response to Persons with Mental Illness: Why should an understanding of cross-cultural dimensions of mental illness and family members’ perceptions be important to law enforcement?

textbook will be provided

Human Trafficking: What are some steps your department takes to identify and stop human trafficking in your community? Are those steps effective? If you do not work in law enforcement, provide suggestions and/or information found via the text or research.

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