Opposite the Editorial

English 1111: Op-Ed Assignment Suggested length: 450-750words (please include a word count at the end)Suggested deadline posted on D2L Purpose Op-Ed stands for “Opposite the Editorial.” More robust than a letter to the editor, an Op-Ed presents the opinion of a community member who is not a part of the editorial board of the newspaper. The purpose of an Op-Ed is to persuade a specific audience (such as legislators, opinion leaders, business owners, or the community-at-large) to consider or take action on an issue. Op-Ed writers present researched and documented support for their claims in a concise, readable(relatable)way. For this assignment, you will have the opportunity to write an opinion piece for a newspaper of your choice. Task, Write a concise opinion piece about a social issue for a newspaper of your choice. Make a claim and support it with research through the form of hyperlinks and one image that supports your argument.

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Discussion Forum: Course Reflection

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The Value Of The Humanities

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Assignment: Designing a Plan for Outcome Evaluation

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